Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian interior design style, everything you need to know how to create a beautiful design for your space. Using minimalist style , straight lines and no window treatment


Scandinavian Interior Design style which most often characterized by Functionality, Simplicity, and Clean lines. It is a design trend that can be seen in numerous Luxury High Rise Condos all over the country as its Design principles allow one to be in harmony with his/her environment. The Scandinavian Interior Design style complements the art of living well and suggests that “things should be made to last rather than be replaced” for an unencumbered lifestyle.In this article, I will talk about the history of Scandinavian Interior style and Design principles for creating a beautiful Interior Design.                                                                                                 

 1. History of Scandinavian Interior Design
What we now know as Scandinavian design today started as a Minimalism Design movement which began sometime in the 20th century in the five Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. The name “Scandinavian design” was gotten from a design show with the same name that traveled through the United States in the mid-1950s. The show used as a platform for showcasing various works by Nordic designers that promoted a simplistic way of living.href=”” rel=”attachment wp-att-832″>
Nordic minimalist design philosophy majorly inspired by nature, and it emphasized clean lines and simple designs and climates. It became a big hit, however, because it promoted the use of sustainable products that were easily accessible and affordable to people in all walks of life to create beautiful interior designs. Several exhibitions showcasing Scandinavian Design were carried out during the same period which led to the influence of Scandinavian design principles in Europe and North America.

2. Scandinavian Interior Design Principles

Scandinavian design has one primary purpose: to bring the maximum levels of beauty, simplicity, and functionality to improve daily life. This interior design style features a pure, pared backed style that was center around clean lines, flawless craftsmanship, understated elegance and warm functionality.
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Light is considered to be extremely important in Scandinavian Interior Design to achieve a soft, muted interior palate. Large windows and sliding glass doors usually installed without curtains or shutters. Overall, the Scandinavian interior style is created to be modern and elegant yet minimal and sophisticated.

The Scandinavian design style is in direct contrast to the rich and intricate traditional style. Instead, it focuses more on contemporary elements combined with the use of everyday materials, earthy muted tones, and minimal ornamentation. An ideal Scandinavian interior should be clean, functional, and as straightforward and clutter free as possible. Scandinavian style homes tend to favor white walls or a neutral color palette with Pops of Color and natural textures such as wood and stone.

They also feature a simple, no-fuss layouts to emphasize an elegantly minimalist aesthetic with a lack of window treatments

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