Monochrome Interior Design Style


Monochrome Interior Design Style.

Monochrome is one of the most popular Interior Design Styles and “never go out of style” color scheme is classic yet simple when it comes to Interior Design. Ever wondered why a monochrome color scheme is most favored when it comes to interior spaces; because a sleek, calm and aesthetically pleasant environment creates an ideal optimal effect on your mind.

1. Paint

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For a black and white palate, even if it’s a monochrome color scheme don’t just rely on one hue. Go for its derivatives, create your palate around the tints and shades which vary from fossil grey to graphite and pebble grey as well as from ivory to cream to pearl white. Rule of thumb doesn’t just go for the extreme colors like crisp white and stark black. Play around the Ombre palate e.g. using charcoal grey with white trims on the walls will save you the pain of a sterile looking space.

2. Add Gold

Gold lips Interior design

While monochrome is mostly white, grey and black in order to make your space an epitome of chic, add gold or marble or brass as accents.

3. Add Pop of Color

black and white with pop of color

To add interest and break the offset, a pop of color other than your mono palate will create the magic it needs to spruce up a bland interior to life. This can be safely done with the furniture and accents.

3. Texture and Patterns

To make a monochrome Interiors more glorious and functional play with      textures and patterns to break the monotony like with printed woolen rug or a textured cushion. Sometimes a black and white striped  wallpaper seals the deal. Be experimental with bold artwork in monochromatic spaces.

black and white wallpaper

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