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Have you ever been presented with an interior space and thought to yourself, “This person created a stylish mixture of a lot of things”? Then you have probably encountered a form of eclectic interior design style. The eclectic design style is a mixture of different styles, a combination of different periods and directions, utilizing creative freedom and imagination to create a new technique that is unique to your space.

The eclectic style brings together different design elements through the use of color, texture, shape, and finishes to create something distinctly unusual and original in the interior of the house, apartment, office or hotel. The use of different fittings and furniture makes this interior design style so easy to love, yet a bit tricky to achieve as each piece must be appropriate and blend harmoniously with the background and trim.

Features of the Eclectic Interior Design Style
The eclectic interior design style has become the go-to option for modern people who want to individualize their space and are not afraid to go beyond the ordinary. It characterized by the following:
• The mixture of two or three (mainly historical) different styles
• The use of diverse far-ranging styles, including classical or historical methods or their pastiche
• The eclectic interior design style allows for various decorative materials: stone, metal, wood, fabric, and glass.
• The typical eclectic design style does not make use of an abundance of bright colors. The background color is usually light with furniture and decor in of natural colors.
• All stylistic elements in eclectic interior design must be organically compatible and balanced. The decor, colors, furniture, texture, and materials used much come together in perfect harmony.
• The eclectic interior design style involves a combination of functionality and rigorous shapes and soft lines.

Vital Elements of Eclectic Interior Decoration Style
1. Match Different Furniture Sets
Most times we end up buying furniture and decoration sets as this makes shopping a lot easier but this is also the quickest way to make your home look like a showroom. When trying to create the eclectic design style for your interior space, it is best to vary the vibes, styles, and vendors of your furniture pieces. However, you still have to keep things united by following some underlying guidelines. For example, an eclectic design style dining room may have a modern dining table with classic chairs or a combination of chairs from different eras but all in the same color hue.

2. Consider Your Overall Layout
When tasked with matching different styles it is easy to get caught up in selecting the right colors, patterns, and furniture pieces to bring the look together. Another essential factor to remember is the layout! It is best to plan out where each piece of furniture will go before you start purchasing them. It will leave you to know what you need and what would fit in with your space.

3. Use a Color Scheme
The trick to achieving a genuinely eclectic interior design style is the ability to mix these different styles harmoniously, and the best way to do this is by having an identifiable color scheme. Experienced interior designers can utilize a deliberate color palette that will unite the mix of styles and genres to create something spectacular.

4. Combine Different Design Eras
The whole point of the eclectic interior design style to not be afraid to mix and match décor and furniture pieces from different eras. You can pair a 1920s Art Deco table that from Paris with a modern chair from Cole. You can also combine rustic furniture pieces with vintage ones to create that unique, eclectic design look. It is this combination of different design eras that brings an eclectic interior to life.


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