5 popular door styles for kitchen cabinet


Ever wonder what your kitchen cabinet system sets the base theme or style of your kitchen, be it traditional or contemporary, sleek or rustic.

Yes, it is the most visible and might be the most expensive design element of your kitchen. The design and style of drawers and cabinet doors along with your selection of finishes and handles set the overall theme.

Whether you are going to renovate your kitchen altogether or just refacing your existing cabinets, you have to choose what looks good and compliments your kitchen, and most importantly that expresses your taste and works for your style, whatever that may be.
There is no one solution or one design for every household. The style that looked amazing in the showroom may not seem that sleek in your apartment. You can determine what will work for you by knowing the perks and downsides of each style out there.

Let’s leave all the chaos for cooking because I am going to help you pick the style that is just right for your kitchen and fits within your budget.

1. Shaker:

As the name suggests this door style based on the historical shaker furniture style which goes back to 70s. Clean with simple lines yet so chic. It is the most commonly used cabinet style today. This style fits into every theme from traditional to contemporary. It is called a five-piece cabinet which consists of an everyday centerpiece (that recessed in the door), the rails (top and bottom pieces) and stiles (the two sides). It is usually made of hardwood and is flatly paneled. The downside of shaker door style is its more expensive because of such craftsmanship.

2. Louvered:

Its beautiful yet functional, this style is gaining popularity. It is a stylish cabinet design consists of horizontal wooden slats. Mostly louvered cabinets have spaces between slats which is a plus point when ventilation is required. But such craftsmanship comes with a price. They come in various slat widths and which also customized to exact sizes.

3. Inset:

Inspired by Victorian periods this door style is making a huge comeback. Unlike a full overlay door, these cabinets fit inside frame openings. This style comes in partial and complete overlay types as well. It is most high-end style as the door constructed with precise measurements keeping in mind the fact that wood expands and contracts. The cabinets have exposed hinges rather than other concealed ones.

4. Distressed:

For antique or rustic themed kitchen distressed cabinet style works best. The doors will look like worn out (naturally). It’s all about the technique done right like the painted corners rubbed off to give that aged away look.

5. Thermofoil:

This flexible and budget-friendly style cabinet molded out of MDF which is then heated to create a seal making it durable and cost-effective. The result is a silky-smooth surface that is resistant to moisture and so easier to clean. The drawback to this cabinet style is they have low heat resistance, and light colors may turn yellow with time.

For many, the kitchen is our favorite and most utilized space. Let me know if the cabinet style of your choice is like investing in your preferred area after all its not just for storage.

Thank you for reading, I would love to hear from you, please comment on what your favorite cabinet style.

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